In remembrance of the human as a part of nature, organization of courses and events for a reunion.

Some of the Ecology Related Events Organized by GEA

Ecology Seminars

Philosophical solutions to ecologic problems, Soil – Water – Air pollution, the language of the trees, Nature and Ecology in the Ancient World …     

Trekking in Nature and Wildlife and Culture Trips

Trips to the Ataturk Arboretum, Ancient City of Assos, Erikli Highland, Ephesus Ancient City, Wildlife Protection Trips in the Mount Hisar-Gedik.

Wildlife Camps

Develi,BafaLake,MountKarasis, Develi, Ayvagediği Flatlands, Nature Camps.

Environmental Cleaning Campaigns

Annual cleaning of theFortVan;HeybeliadaDegirmenCoast, Burgazada, Seyhan River Environmental Clean-Up Campaigns.

Tree Planting Campaigns

Forestation campaigns for Istanbul Beykoz and the surroundings of Lake Tuzla Akyatan inAdana.

Mountain Climbing

Conventional Mount Suphan Climbing and Mount Agri Victory Climbing Events …

Animal Protection and Habitat Improvement Activities

Birds’ Nest Maintenance – Birds’NestBuilding, Treatment, Feeding, Food Distribution Activities.

GEA Cycling Team

Hit the pedals for a blooming nature.


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