Our Vision

To sustain the capability of our Search & Rescue Team, able to move within 2 hours towards the disaster area during a disaster which may occur within Turkey or elsewhere in the World, and to continuously improve in terms of training and materials.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is; to access the disaster area within the earliest time possible during a disaster within Turkey or in the World, without any discrimination between people regarding their religion, language, sex, race, social status etc., and to rescue disaster victims and casualties trapped under debris alive through Search & Rescue operations;
  • Upon completion of Search & Rescue operations in Disaster Areas, perform Humanitarian Aid and First Aid activities and improve preparedness for Natural and Environmental disasters.  To transform energies of individuals into a constructive form in social terms;
  • To arrange activities to fulfill civic responsibility and to raise the idea of World Citizenship.  To give trainings and perform social responsibility projects for developing the notion of Volunteerism and reinforcing Consciousness for Social Responsibility;
  • To improve capacities of individuals with the entire activities arranged;
  • To protect the world we live in, considering the fact that human is a part of nature.

Our Values

Absolutely No Discrimination Against People
Protect Human Life
Respect For Nature and Human
Protect Human Pride and Dignity During Operations
Following Timeless Ethical Values
Continuous Personal and Organizational Improvement
Open Communication

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