GEA Trainings

Accessing to Disaster Areas within the earliest time during emergencies, our team has been arranging various trainings during normal times to contribute to creating and enhancing social awareness on disasters and to ensure that no one forgets the past disasters.

The common point and objective of training programs, organized VOLUNTARILY by our members, are to provide information as to being prepared, to be able to survive and minimize potential risks during both natural and also human originated disasters.

Training programs are prepared such that they can be tailored for properties and nature of entities and institutions.

Training programs are repeated within certain periods and with necessary additions, with the purpose of ensuring a deeper knowledge which can be implemented practically, almost as a reflex.

GEA trainings are enriched with audio visual presentations. We provide PPT presentations, video and CD demonstrations during these trainings.

Why does GEA provide trainings?

  •  There no strict and clear rules during emergencies; each emergency resembles a multiple variable equation with unique components and the results are unpredictable.
    For this reason, GEA reviews its trainings after each operation it participated, targets increasing individual awareness and level of preparedness in the society by sharing its entire knowledge and experience.We have seen during our 25years of experience that, not all of the deaths and injuries occurring in disasters are caused by direct effects of the disaster, but they arise due to wrong reflexes, unpreparedness and/or unawareness of people during emergency cases.
  • GEA does not ask for monetary aid in return for its trainings. The reason is, trainers provide this service voluntarily. We ask the entities receiving our trainings to complete the deficiencies of our newly established teams in terms of search & rescue equipment.  

Trainings Given by GEA Team

Life with Earthquake Risk

Earthquake Crisis Management

Fear – Panic

Fire and Fire Protection

Things to Do and Not to Do during Bomb Attacks

Emergency Management

Light Search & Rescue Training

Heavy Search & Rescue Training

Teambuilding and Communication

Disaster Psychology


Warning Alarm

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