Search and Rescue

GEA Team has the capability to repond in situations listed below according to the guidance for the USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) teams published by INSARAG:

  • earthqueakes for search and rescue and humanitarian aid operations
  • building collapses
  • explosians and bomb attack for search and rescue operations
  • urban flooding disasters for rescue
  • forest fire


GEA is capable to finish the preparations and rapidly arrive on the disaster area together with the fully equipped field teams and K9 teams within 2 hours in any disaster that may occur anywhere in the world.

Primarily engaged in the search and rescue activities in the disaster region, Team GEA leads the humanitarian support and disaster relief operations called “Post-disaster Debris Management” by the United Nations and contributes to the humanitarian support coordination processes subsequent to search and rescue.

Case of Readiness:

GEA improves team readiness through permanent and regular training programs, desk drills and field drills; and performs collective training courses and drills with national and international search and rescue, and humanitarian aid teams while organizing preparatory courses and drills in order to raise awareness among Schools, Private and Public Institutions with the knowledge and experience gathered since 1994.


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