Social Responsibility, Training and Social Solidarity Campaigns

The Social Mission of the GEA Social Responsibility, Training and Social Solidarity Campaigns Group is to arrange courses and campaigns to share the best we have through voluntary service in order to become better humans and leave a better world for future generations…

Some of The Campaigns By GEA

GEA Post-Disaster Humanitarian Support Activities

The provision of humanitarian aid and rehabilitation to disaster victims in need at post-disaster stage

GEA Life Internship

Bringing together young people between 18 and 30 years of age with professional volunteers during summertime, we collaborate on social responsibility projects.

New Friends To Lonely Toys
Sharing of Toys and Recycling Campaign

Nursing Home Visits

Gatherings with the elderly; Recitals, Meetings, Theatrical Shows …

Oncology Visits

Visits for our little sisters and brothers, various game plays and musical events

Remembering the elderly to give them relief
Home repair campaign

Dream, Sacrifice, Actualize
School Repair Project

Kybele Aid Campaigns and Lunch-Box Event
Supplies, Food and Material Aid Campaign

Parental Education
For children as our future

Take a step
Shoe Campaign

Bridge of Love

Painting Contest for Child Earthquake Victims

Teeth that make you smile

Courses on oral and dental health and maintenance; Material Donation Campaign

Be Prepared! Stay Safe!

Training Courses for earthquake preparedness and living with earthquake; School furniture fixing workshops

Those Forgotten are not Forgotten

Retrieval and return of personal belongings forgotten in shopping malls and department stores

Touching History

The project that brings together the archeological reproductions at different museums across the globe with our visually impaired citizens.


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