Ukraine – Romania Humanitarian Aid Operation

The GEA Team completed the first part of their humanitarian aid efforts in Chernivtsi,Ukraine and Siret,Ukrainian-Romanian border between 6th-15th March. The GEA team’s humanitarian aid efforts is going to continue.

1250 toys for children, 2300 powerbanks, 250 multi-purpose bluetooth speakers/radios, 200 music boxes, 750 led torches, 120 pandemic kits, 400 winter clothes were distributed together with lots of love and moral support to Ukrainian, Turkish and other country citizens who were moving to different cities and countries.

We would like to thank AFAD and Turkish Embassy in Romania for the coordination of Turkish teams in the region as well as all our GEA friends and volunteers who called us and contributed during the operation.

“Peace at home, Peace in the World.”  M. Kemal Atatürk


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