Elazığ Earthquake Operation

Elazığ Earthquake Operation

Right after the M6.8 earthquake hit Elazığ Sivrice on the evening of January 24, at 20:55, our team started preparations for search and rescue operations.

On the same day at 23.50, 10 of our team members from GEA İstanbul Center moved to the region from Atatürk Airport by a private plane. A total of 30 GEA volunteers set out for the disaster area with 20 team members who simultaneously drove from Ankara and Antalya.

Our team, which reached Elazığ at 02.44 on January 25, has been involved in search and rescue operations in the wreckage region with our K9 dogs and technical equipment.

As explained by the official institutions on January 27, the search and rescue efforts have done, and after that our team has started to provide support in setting up tents and humanitarian aid for the victims in the regions needed.

In this context, as of January 29, tents have been set up for 182 families in 6 different neighborhoods. Simultaneously, rehabilitation games and activities were carried out with different children in the Şehit Öğretmen Necmettin Yılmaz Gezici Kindergarten organized by Tunceli Governorship and Provincial Directorate of National Education.

In addition to this, our teams also distributed materials to those in need and toys to children. Our team, consisting of 40 GEA volunteers who support humanitarian efforts, carried out material distribution and determination works in Elazig center, Sivrice, Maden and Gezin regions, Yazi Konak, in line with the needs in Elazig. Our team has distributed 3250 power banks, 1620 radios, 2800 flashlights, 3200 batteries, 1300 toys to date.

Our team, which wandered around the tents one by one, has made Pandemic Kit* distributions in addition to the distribution and detection works under the coordination of AFAD.

*Pandemic Kit is a kit that can meet the needs of a family of six including post-disaster protection and hygiene materials.

We extend our condolences to all our citizens affected by the earthquake. Wishing soonest recovery for those injured in the earthquake.

GEA Search Rescue

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